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Ryders Eyewear Incline Fyre Anti-Fog SunglassesRide faster, run better, with the rugged stability of the Incline glasses that come with multiple optical technologies to provide you with the very best vision in any environment.Lens100% UV400 ProtectionRyder’s Incline’s lenses come with full UV protection blocking out 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays and other high energy light to 400nm.AntiFogWhen you’re workout becomes intense and conditions become hot and humid your lenses will often fog up. With the Anti-Fog lens treatment your lenses will shield from this and give you crystal-clear vision even under the most extreme of activities.ColourBoostBoosting how you perceive colour and putting the emphasis on the most important tones improving colours by 20% so you can see every detail in your surroundings.Hydrophobic and Oleophobic CoatingThe additional protective layer on the top of the lens ensures that any form of moisture that your lenses encounter pearls off quickly clearing your lenses. This includes rain, road spatter, oil, etc.MLV MirrorThe patented MLV mirror technology ensures that the photochromic nature of the lens performs to its maximum potential while protecting your eyesight from distracting light glare.NXTThe lenses are made from a specially adapted polymer material: NXT. This material was originally used in the construction of fighter jet canopies and the windshield of military helicopters to ensure the ultimate level of impact resistance.VariaPhotochromic Varia lens technology responds quickly and reliably to different lighting conditions. Changing rapidly to suit the best needs of the lighting in your changing environments the glasses automatically give you the coverage you best need.FrameNose Pads and Temple TipsTo ensure a comfortable and stabilised fit the glasses come with adjustable nose pads and temple tips which help you to find the best possible fit for you. The nose pads and temple tips are also coated in hydrophilic rubber which stops the glasses from sliding about when you’re at your most active or conditions become wet.Grilamid TR90The frame is made from Grilamid TR90 which is a thermoplastic material characterised for being incredibly lightweight and flexible whilst also providing a super-rugged base for the glasses.Features100% UV400 protectionAnti-fog lens technologyColourBoostHydrophobic and oleophobic lens coatingMLV mirrorNXT lens constructionScratch-resistant coatingVaria lensAdjustable nose pads and temple tipsGrilamid TR90 frame constructionHydrophilic rubber nose pads and temple tipsWeighs 32gBuy Ryders Eyewear from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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